Gospel Musicians Are Not Creative - Akosua Agyepong

Veteran musician Akosua Adjepong says gospel musicians are not creative with their music videos.

She said, "You see somebody with towel around the hip in one gospel music video and you see the same thing in another video, they are copying each other".

According to her, the practice makes it difficult for one to distinguish between which musician did which video.

She noted that some gospel musicians dance unnecessarily in their music videos and even on stage when the song does not require any serious dance moves.

Gospel musicians, Francis Amu and Patience Nyarko, however, disagree with her. According to Francis Amu, there is nothing wrong with dancing in music videos.

He said, “the Bible says David danced until he was stark naked and even those who complained about it were cursed so there is nothing wrong with dancing”.

On her part, Patience Nyarko said, “we don't dance to every song but what about the hiplife musicians?” she quizzed.

She said gospel musicians dance for God to bless them, besides they are moved by the song they hear.