David Oscar Advises Gifty Osei

Comedian turned musician, David Oscar has counseled gospel songstress, Gifty Osei to brace herself for the abuse stardom brings in Ghana.

Gifty Osei has been in the news lately for threatening her fans who abuse her on social media for allegedly bleaching her skin.

Her mum has subsequently warned her fans to stay off her social media platforms.

Speaking on Hitz FM’s ‘Entertainment this week’ hosted by MzGee, David who had a similar encounter some month ago appealed to Gifty Osei to handle her social media abuse maturely.

“What I expect Gifty to do is to move on…if you are looking for attention then be ready for the insults when they come. That’s the business we do but what you need to be able to do is to get to that point where when you see those insults you don’t pay attention to them. I used to be like that but I am not like that anymore and I think it is a matter of human growth,” he said.

He added that it is important for Gifty Osei to stay focused if the accusations leveled against her aren’t valid and believes the saga could play to Gifty’s advantage if managed well.

“In every human society whatever you do, be it good or bad people will talk about you. Let what they say about you rather not be true. If what they say about you is true and you know that it is true then there is a problem and it means that you need to work on yourself but frankly speaking if what they are saying about you is not true then there is no reason to be worried. What matters is your opinion of yourself,” he added.

David Oscar who has a debut reggae track, titled ‘Monalisa’ reminisced how his criticism of Yvonne’s #dumsormuststop project brought attack on his reputation.

“Don’t pick Yvonne I tell you, because the kind of things they said to me if it is you am sure you will go and smash your head to some wall. Yvonne’s fans called me a failure. They attacked me, they attacked my personality, they attacked my job, they attacked my family and half of the time the things they throw at me are all lies. They did all these in a bid to shut me up”.