Plastic Bags Are NPP Supporters - NDC man

In keeping with the ruling NDCs standard reaction to anything or anyone who disagrees with any government policy, an NDC foot soldier has accused all non-biodegradable plastic bags of supporting the opposition NPP. I believe that these plastic bags are all NPP supporters. They all want to disgrace the current NDC administration. They are nation wreckers! Why else will these plastic bags clog our gutters and cause floods? Its because these plastics are NPP supporters, wrote the NDC man in a Facebook discussion on the sudden ban of non-biodegradable plastics. The plastic bags are the latest in a long list of individuals and groups that have been tagged as NPP for disagreeing with or demanding their rights and entitlements under the current NDC government. Everyone from unpaid junior doctors through to disgruntled ex-soldiers and teachers have been given the NPP tag by officials and hangers-on of the ruling party. The NDC man finished off his Facebook rant with a quote: If it talks like a duck and acts like a duck, then its probably an NPP supporter disguised as a duck.