Ghana Should Not Bow To Gay Marriage

THE CHIEF of Kpone-Nmlitsakpo traditional area, a suburb of Kpone traditional council of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Tetteh Ogli II has called on President John Dramani Mahama and law makers of the country not to accept homosexuality or gay marriage rights in the country.

He described the act as abomination before God; “it is against our culture, and also against our religion.”

He said “our leaders should not bow to this evil act, following conditions from other parts of the world before extending their support to the nation in terms of loans and grants.

“Our leaders will do great disservice to this nation if they allow gay marriage or homosexual rights and I appeal to government not to accent to it.” He emphasized.

He made the call over the weekend in an interview with the DAILY HERITAGE during his first year anniversary celebration in his traditional area, Nmlitsakpo.

He cautioned the youth who engage in the act secretly to put a stop it for the sake of their own future.

“Government should ensure who ever would be caught should be dealt with drastically by the law in order to serve as a deterrent t others.”

Nii Oglie II used the opportunity to advice the youth to look to God for help, take their education serious, and should not be misled to engage in negative practices that would later end them in trouble, and also bring their family and the nation shame.

He again admonished them not to imitate foreign culture, instead “uphold and promote our cultural heritage where ever they go.”
Meanwhile, the media should also play their role effectively in promoting the nation’s culture.

“The media is not helping us in promoting our culture, but rather projecting western culture,” which according to him is not the best form of building our nation.

“Our children are not learning anything from the media, but are rather involved in singing hip life music, rapping and face booking among others. Let us learn and demonstrate how Ghanaians are known to be.” He noted.