Prez Museveni Is Like Jesus...

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah says President Museveni is like Jesus Christ who left his comfort zone of heaven and opted to come down to earth to die for sinners.

Addressing Christians from Kigezi sub-region who gathered at Rugarama hill to celebrate 80 years of the revival of Christianity in East Africa, Mr Oulanyah, who represented President Museveni, urged the Christians to stick to Mr Museveni because of his belief in the freedom of worship.

“There was a time in Uganda where people had no right of worship. Thanks to President Museveni and the NRM government that ushered in peace and security and promoting right of worship.
Christians and all believers in this country should cling onto President Museveni because he protects their right to worship. Make President Museveni your spiritual hero for continued development in Uganda,” Mr Oulanyah said.

In his message, Mr Museveni said the power of the church to influence society was waning.

“When we look at the church today and our ability to affect society, we realise that we do not have the power of those that came before us. The men and women of the past era had revival powers given to them by God. We need to pray to God to give us such powers.

Revival in East Africa was characterised by deep remorse of sin. All barriers crumbled and seemed less significant,” Mr Museveni message read.

The revival conference was organised by Kigezi Diocese. Bishops from Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya attended.

The Archbishop Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, who was the main preacher, asked church leaders in Uganda to offer extra pastoral care to the Christian youth.