“It Takes Two” Is Back

IT TAKES TWO, the most exciting family game show, is back on television screens. The hit show returns after a short break, with a whole new season of more fun and excitement. While the show was on hiatus, new additions were made whereas some aspects of the show remain intact. Audiences will be glad to know that the show is still in the firm grip of ace broadcaster, Kwame Sefa Kayi, whose eloquence and confidence adds a lot of spice to the already exciting show. The show is still a three round fun packed game, with round one being the popular Knowing me knowing you segment, where players answer questions on their partner’s habits and lifestyles to prove how well they know each other. Power of two, in round two depicts the importance of two heads, as the players go through a board game. Players put their heads together and answer questions that range from academia, music and capitals of towns to word formation. Intelligence is the key to winning this round since the essence of the round is to test players’ intelligence.