Nkrumah Will Be Shocked By State of Africa Now Prof. Lumumba

The Director at the Kenya School of Law, Professor P.L Lumumba is convinced the former President of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and other past leaders will be shocked by the state of the African continent now.

He believes the state of Africa is a far cry from what Nkrumah left it to be; “I have said it before and I think they will be shocked,” the Professor said. Prof. Lumumba on the Citi Breakfast Show also commended the former President for his ability to recognise tactics deployed by what he calls “imperialists” to short-change Africans and deal with them. “I think it is Nkrumah who gets it right.

He recognises as early as 1958 that the new colonial project as early as 1958 that the new colonial project came alive immediately the colonial project was terminated so that the imperialists were ahead of the game always.

When they came to Ghana here, there was a sense in which they did not like Nkrumah because he had a completely different agenda.” Known for his tough stance on corruption, Prof. Lumumba has faced stiff opposition and victimization for standing for the truth. He will be speaking at the Alisa Hotel from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm on good governance in Africa.