Dela Sowah Was A Mistake Chiefs

Concerned Chiefs from the three traditional areas in the Kpando constituency say voting Mrs. Dela Sowah as the Member of Parliament of the area in 2012 was a “sad mistake.”

The chiefs, Led by Togbe Dagadu are, therefore, calling for the rejection of Mrs. Sowah as the 2016 parliamentary candidate of the area, arguing that the last three years she spent as the Constituency’s MP was greatly disappointing.

Addressing journalists at Kpando last week Wednesday, on behalf of the chiefs, Timothy Agboka expressed misgivings over the MP’s modus operandi, accusing her of lacking developmental foresight.

He said the chiefs, opinion leaders and the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) branch and constituency executives are hugely dissatisfied with Mrs. Sowah, leading to discontent.

“It is a sad story and sometimes we feel that we made a mistake in voting for our MP in the constituency.

“Our town is crying for development, some of our youth are doing things that are uncalled for, simply because of lack of jobs. It is a pity and distasteful that we are lacking behind in terms of development, simply because our MP has greatly disappointed us,” he lamented on behalf of the disgruntled chiefs.

Strong signal

Agboka, therefore, sent a strong signal to the NDC party and Government that the constituency would not accept the candidature of Mrs. Sowah, warning that failure to change her would spell doom for the NDC and development of the constituency respectively.

He pledged that failure to reject her (Sowah’s) candidature for a person with the “capacity and ability” to bring smiles to “our faces here in Kpando”, means no vote for the NDC.

Continuing, he explained that they have no preferences for any particular person and that, all they desire was a person who signifies a symbol of unity, with a solid track record and ability to make things happen.

Failure to give them the right person to lead them to the Promised Land with be suicidal, as they would not hesitate to take “drastic action against the NDC in the constituency “, if the status quo remains, he lamented.

Skirt and Blouse

Promising to punish the NDC if their requests are not met, the Chiefs, through their spokesman said: “We can assure all of you gathered here that, what is called skirt and blouse voting might not happen because we very much like President John Mahama and duly appreciate his works, but we would for the first time vote for Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP Parliamentary candidate.