Akuffo-Addo: A DMTL Ambassador

The Do More Talk Less (DMTL) Project was initiated by the 42nd Generation in November 2008, to get the Africans apply themselves practically to African issues, and to recognise and honour DMTL ambassadors – Africans who have already distinguished themselves in working (not only talking) towards making the new Africa possible in their small way. Kenya, Zimbabwe and many other African countries have lost much to disagreements in politics and elections. Heads have rolled, bloods have been shed, Property worth millions of dollars destroyed, with economies crumbling down in the process. The Ghana 2008 elections, which went into run-off elections, held on December 28, 2008 was not celebrated by the foreign media as much as it ought, because there was not much violence, killings or bloodshed characterizing it. It was one of Africa’s most reckonable achievements. The presidential candidates from the various political parties made declarations, submitting that the peace of the nation was paramount; and should never be compromised in the elections. Then came the opportunity to test the declaration. It was between the NPP and the NDC. A winner had to emerge, cross fires began; views and positions consolidated. It was now time for the man “Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo” to live up to his landmark statement that “We are not prepared to sacrifice any Ghanaian life on the altar of politics”- the price he had to pay… giving up whatever rights or possibilities he thought he may have had at contesting the outcome of the elections as declared by the Ghana EC, and conceding to Prof John Evans Atta Mills. So there he was on January 2, 2009, congratulating his long time friend, President-elect Prof John Evans Atta Mills on his victory in the run-off elections. His position which may have not gone down well with many and may have been considered a sour loss by others is the reason why Ghana has distinguished herself again in Africa, and has shown that she is still a trail blazer in areas where Kenya and many other African countries have failed. We at the 42nd Generation International thank you “Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo” for living up to your declaration of peace; and honour you with the prestigious DMTL Award. To accept defeat in the interest of the peace and stability of the nation you so passionately desire to serve, is to win victory and honour for your nation, your family, your party; and above all, yourself. Something other African political leaders must imbibe. Because of you Africa still has a face to show the world. The youth of Africa, especially from the over 22 African countries who are members of the organisation are proud of you, for teaching us that in our quest for recognition and power, the interest of the nation we seek to serve comes first; and this creed cannot be compromised or sacrificed on the plata of personal interest. Always Remember Nana, Africa has hope, because Africa has you. Thank you very much