USM Tackles Inappropriate Waste Management System Issues In Ghana

Strategies to solve the inappropriate waste management system issues in the country have been implemented by The Urban Sanitation Module (USM) at the Local Government Training Institute in Accra. The National Waste Bin Distribution Programme (NAWaBin) in collaboration with the National Service Scheme (NSS) launched the Urban Sanitation Module (USM) which saw the participation of the ESPA, waste management companies, the Ministry of Local Government, town and city planning department etc to deliberate on the module that seeks to address the lapses that has been identified as a challenge to effective management of waste in the country. These include inaccurate data for household subscribers to waste management companies, poor sanitary practices, inadequate number of dustbins, poor revenue collection and leakages among other issues. Dr Michael Kpessa-Whyte, Executive Director for National Service, indicated that besides providing IT solutions support to the key players for the gathering of data for the operation, the Environmental Sanitation Sector during its bin distribution exercise will attach RFT-ID to monitor waste management procedures as well as revenue collection. He added that GPR systems will also be introduced to track the exact location of households to harness the process. The GPR system, he said, will also help to track defaulters in ‘driver hit and run’ situations as well as easy location to respond promptly to distress calls to police in robbery alert situation.