It Is Necessary For Musicians To Win VGMAS Ė Sarkodie

Some musicians here in Ghana have repeated times without number that they donít want their works to be nominated for VGMAs and that they are not in support of it at all, but rapper Sarkodie shares different view on VGMAs altogether. Sarkodie has revealed in a radio interview that, of all the awards that he has to his credit from BETs to MAMAs to whatever award, he cherishes his VGMAs awards more and more and that itís just necessary for every act to win a VGMAs, he said, ďI cherish all the awards that Iíve won so far, on the lighter side, even though I like the MAMAs plaque just because of how heavy it is and how it looks, there is nothing that can be compared to winning VGMAs. Itís the VGMAs that paves the way for the international awards, the VGMAs forms the core,Ē he added. Rumour has it that Akwaboah is set to join the Sarkcess Music Label, on whether this rumour is nothing to go by, Sarkodie revealed that Ghanaians should convince Akwaboah to join his label, he said, ďAkwaboah is the type of artiste Iíve been looking for all over the years. Ghanaians are sleeping on him, this guy is just something else, and Iím pleading with all Ghanaians to convince him to join the Sarkcess Music Label.Ē The BET award-winner is set to launch is much-talked about album, Mary on the 12th of September, 2015 at the West Hills Mall-Accra. One album costs 12Ghc.