Sarkodie Breaks Silence On Originator Of Hiplife ‘FIGHT’

Sarkodie was on the Dryve of Ur Lyfe on the Y Triangle to promote his incoming Mary album. The Mewu rapper took the opportunity to touched on the on going debate on who the real Grandpapa of Hiplife is. Answering J.O.E.L’s question on whether it was important for us to know who the Grandpapa of Hiplife is, Sark said; “Yeah it matters because we need to give credit to whoever is due. I wouldn’t comment on that because I don’t have facts but yourself and I know one person and he is Reggie. I don't know if that is going to change but he is the person we came to meet. If there is something deep in there that needs to be sorted, it’s up to him and his colleagues to sort it out but until then we know Reggie as the Grandpapa. It’s like growing up and starting to question your father if he is indeed your father.” Mary album will be released on Saturday at the WestHills Mall at Weija with Sarkodie signing autographs and giving photo ops.