Women Not Sex Objects - Paulina Tells GFA Boss Nyantakyi

A Gender Advocate, Ms Paulina Tangoba Abayage, has described comments made by the President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi, relating to using ‘sexy ladies’ to attract spectators to the Ghanaian stadia, as unfortunate, and an insult to the dignity of Ghanaian women.

“It is highly inappropriate for him (Kwesi Nyantakyi) to have said that,” she said, adding, “In this country we tend to focus on the sexual attributes of women than their talents”.

According to her, society should see women beyond their sexual appeals and concentrate on how to develop their talents.
Women not sex objects

Ms Abayage, who was speaking to the Daily Graphic in an interview, expressed worry over the “sexy ladies” comments by Mr Nyantakyi and said it could buttress the already existing perception that women were sexual objects.

“If Mr Nyantakyi is saying that inviting women to the stadium will attract spectators, what happens after the invitation?” she questioned.

According to a www.sportsextra.com.gh report on Tuesday, September 8, 2015, with the caption: “Kwesi Nyantakyi calls for sexy girls to attend local matches to boost crowds,” Mr Nyantakyi was quoted to have said, “I have said this thing over and over again; we must let sexy ladies enter our stadia and the men will readily follow them into the stadia to watch games.” Most of these men, when they hear that beautiful girls are coming to the stadium today, they will all jump and follow them to the stadium…and they are going there purposely to see the ladies.
Unkempt stadia

Ms Abayage said most of the stadia were not kept clean, adding, “If your stadium smells, no person in his or her right senses will come to sit there to watch the games.”

“The GFA should be investing in professionalism. They should invest in the players so that people will enjoy the Ghanaian leagues,” she advised.

Ms Abayage, who has been a gender advocate for more than 13 years, said all well-meaning Ghanaians and gender advocacy groups should condemn the comments by the GFA president.

She, however, entreated women, especially young ladies, not to consider themselves as sexual objects but to focus on developing their careers.