I Donít Care If People Say Iím Ugly - Musician

Ghanaian female musician Wiyaala, known in real life as Noella Wiyaala, says she is not concerned about attacks on her looks. Well known for her single ĎRock My Bodyí and androgynous image, the 28-year-old musician always possesses a high level of energy whenever she is performing on stage. Wiyaala is blessed with an enviable musical talent but some Ghanaians have rather chosen to concentrate on her physique with others describing her as ugly on Facebook. Speaking in an interview with Amanda Jissih on Showbiz Filla on Hitz FM, the singer says she is not bothered about people who criticise her for her looks or call her ugly. ďFor me now my skin is like rock, I donít care. Why I donít care is that I only get few people even if itís 100, I know I have thousands of people who like me so why should some probably 50 people bother me with you are ugly,Ē she said. Wiyaala said she only blocks such people. ďWhenever you do that if I donít like you I just block you simple but I will never insult you back. Itís your problem.Ē Starting off humbly in 2011 when she auditioned for the Stars of the Future reality show she earned a spot in the finals - winning two Golden Moments awards. In 2012, she, a member of Black N Peach, won Vodafone ICONS Mixed Edition music reality show. She left the Black N Peach band in April 2013 to pursue a solo career with Djimba World Records. In 2014, Wiyaala swept two desirable awards at the maiden edition of the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) held in Lagos, Nigeria. She received two 23.9-carat gold-plated trophies for The Most Promising Artiste in Africa and The Revelation of the African Continent. Wiyaala was adjudged Best Female Vocal Performer at the 2015 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.