''The Pope Is Dope'' - Kim Kardashian Tweet Causes Stir

Kim Kardashian is not the kind of public figure normally consulted for her opinions on current affairs or major world events – nor, to be frank, are her opinions generally taken seriously. But a single comment by the reality TV star on the occasion of Pope Francis’s historic visit to the US was enough to reduce one Argentinian entertainment website to paroxysms of nationalist outrage and accusations of anti-papal hostility. The episode began when Kardashian published a lapidary tweet concerning the pontiff.

It is possible that Kardashian’s message was a riff on the #popeisdope hashtag that has trended on Twitter throughout his visit along with others like #catholicswag and #rockstarpope.

Or maybe she chose it because it just happened to rhyme.

Most would probably interpret the tweet – or tuit as it’s spelled in Spanish – as an endorsement, but it seems the reporter at Primicias Ya was only familiar with the other meaning of “dope”.

Under the incredulous headline “Did Kim Kardashian attack the pope?” the writer (mis)translates the tweet as “THE POPE IS DRUGS.”

Stung by nationalist pride, the writer – who is not bylined – springs to the defence of a fellow Argentinian – referring to him as “our pope”.

After a brief recap of some of the pope’s benevolent and revolutionary acts, the writer concludes that life “is not all roses” and says that Francis has “found an enemy” in the US.

The writer helpfully reminds readers that Kardashian once featured in a sex tape, before canvassing readers for possible explanations for the “curious tweet”.

“What could Kim be referring to? Without a doubt, this couldn’t be positive. How do you interpret her message?”

Commenters on the post have been quick to share dope’s more positive connotations with the writer and some even sprang to Kardashian’s defense.

One commenter scolds Primicias Ya, demanding that they “inform themselves before creating controversy”. Another remarks on the star’s many entrepreneurial endeavours.

Kardashian’s message about the pope has been retweeted more than12,000 times.