"I Love The Competition" – Doreen Andoh

Some people say they hate competition, others say they do love it as it gingers them to strive the more for excellent. Joy Fm’s Doreen Andoh made an appearance on the KSM show where she talked about how it all started for her, to her motivations, to her upcoming TV shows and more. Talking about competition when it comes to mid-morning shows, she said, “I love the competition, it makes me wake up, and know that there’s much work out there. Competition has made me tough and more. I monitor other mid-morning show presenters, and learn one or two from them, and use what I learn to improve on mine.” Lots of people have times without number express their displeasure with respect to how local news presenters over exaggerate, over dramatize in their news presentation, in their reportage as well as give inaccurate information and more. Doreen Andoh who started with news presenting at Joy Fm seems to share in their views. When she was asked on the KSM show what she made of news presenting and reporting here in Ghana. She said, “No disrespect to the local presenters, I think they must treat news presentation and news reportage with due decorum. Their news presentation and their reportage, and languages they use on air sometimes leaves much to be desired. They should speak well, language is key, they must know that the kids are listening, and more. They think its local language and since they speak local language fluently, they can have their own way, no.” On what has been her motivation all this years, spending 20 years with Joy Fm and still counting, and on whether she would be saying bye-bye to the station anytime soon, she disclosed that, “I try to put myself in the position of my listeners, what would they like to hear each day? I want to come up with something new and refreshing that would catch their attention. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it.” On whether she will be quitting Joy Fm soon, she said, “They say life begins at 40, I’ve done only 20 years at Joy Fm, so it’s left with 20, and I ‘gotta’ finish the remaining 20 years fast”. The former St. Roses old girl said she is working on a few TV shows to hit our screens soon. She advised that education is the key, and that presenters must go back to school and study to broaden their knowledge, and as well they should read a lot”.