NDC Impressed With Candidates In WR

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed confidence in the calibre of candidates vying to represent the party in the 2016 parliamentary polls. Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, chairman of the Vetting Committee (VC), made the remarks at the end of the primaries in Takoradi over the weekend. Consequently, he has asked all constituency executives of the party not to support one aspirant over the other, to avoid any seeds of discord. "You, the constituency executives, will be working with whoever wins the primaries to win parliamentary seats for the party. Therefore, if you are seen openly supporting one aspirant or the other, you will end up creating conditions that promote anarchy and confusion, and that would be very dangerous for the party,” he stressed. In addition, he warned the aspirants against the use of the media to run down their colleague aspirants, adding that, “You should control your supporters, ensuring that they don’t go overboard in whatever they do or say because at the end of the day, we would need each and every one on board to promote the supreme interest of the party.” The Regional Chairman of the party, Michael Aidoo, on his part, urged supporters to work harder than ever before to ensure that the NDC wins more seats in the Western Region. "The NDC has got [sic] the men and women of valour in the Western Region. We are ready to tap into their experience, but we can only do that if you work hard to win more seats and bring on these talents on board.” He also advised the aspirants and their supporters to desist from using his name or souvenir bearing his name or picture in their campaign. "As the Regional Chairman, I remain the father of the party in the region and I am, therefore, ready and willing to work with anyone who wins the primaries," he added.