Pele: “I’d Rather Play For Arsenal Than Chelsea”

Brazil legend Pele says he would rather play for Arsenal than Chelsea if he was still in his prime. Pele is widely regarded to be one of the greatest players of all time, having scored 1,283 goals throughout the entirety of his career (including friendlies!). And he has endeared himself to Arsenal supporters everywhere by saying that he would rather play for them than Chelsea, particularly because of the way Arsene Wenger’s side play the game. ‘Arsenal is a good team to play for. I like the teams that play open football,’ he said. ‘Between Chelsea and Arsenal? I would play for Arsenal if I had the chance.’ The 74-year-old also hit out at Diego Costa’s provocative behaviour in Arsenal’s recent clash with Chelsea, calling it bad for the game. ‘It is not a good message for children,’ he said. ‘He didn’t get a red card, but he was charged. It was dirty. ‘Unfortunately so many things like this happen on the pitch and this is not good. That’s clear. ‘It is not good for football.’