No Need Shouting; Just Bring Your Petition � EC Boss to LMVCA

The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Charlotte Osei, has served notice, the EC will kick against plans by pressure group, Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) to picket at its offices if the act involves noise-making that could distract the work of the commission.

According to her, not only is the EC a security zone as stated by the police, but also, it is a national data centre, and that any attempt to destruct their work schedule during the picketing will not be accepted.

Briefing the media after an IPAC meeting on Wednesday, the EC boss stated that the commission is ready to receive the petition from the group.

“If LMVCA is bringing a petition of course we will receive it; we are adults. It’s not a shouting game,” she noted.

The EC boss also stated that the pressure group had submitted an earlier petition and hoped that it was not the same document they will be seeking to deliver to them.

She also revealed that so far, 30 institutions including 15 political parties, have submitted proposals which are being evaluated on whether or not there would be need for a new voters’ register.

Charlotte Osei further stated that the EC has received donor support to evaluate the proposals and that by the end of the month; they will organize a forum to discuss and reach some consensus on the proposals.

The Let My Vote Count Alliance group has been engaged in a back and forth with the police over their decision to picket at the offices of the EC to present a petition for a new voters’ register.

A demonstration held weeks ago ended abruptly after police fired teargas and battered some demonstrators because they had defied the agreed route for the protest.

Another intended demonstration set for September 29 has been called off after police sought an injunction to restrain it.