LMVCA Simply Exhibited Stubbornness…The Police Must Be Commended For Its Tremendous Work - UFP Gen Secretary

General Secretary of the United Front Party (UFP), Listowell Nana Poku has hit hard at those attacking Ghana Police Service for going for ex-parte injunction to stop the pressure group Let My Vote Count Alliance from picketing at the Electoral Commission.

An Accra Circuit Court on Monday afternoon granted the police the authority to restrain organisers of the Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) from demonstrating on Tuesday at the office of the Electoral Commission (EC).

The decision quashes an earlier ruling by an Accra Magistrate Court which ruled that it cannot grant the permission of the police because the motion they filed had expired.

Speaking on Okay Fm’s 'Ade Akye Abia' Morning Show, Listowell Nana Poku commended the police force for putting up a tremendous work to stop the protesters from violating the orders of the court.

He averred the protesters got what they deserved when they decided to go against the approved routes given by the court after warning that the protesters cannot picket at the office of the Electoral Commission (EC) because it is among the security zones in the country.

“LMVCA was simply exhibiting stubbornness; behaving as if there is no elderly person among the leadership. The police are doing a tremendous work and they need to be commended,” he stated.

He explained that nobody can blame the police for their minimum force action against the protesters because the police warned the LMVCA and even went ahead to seek court injunction to restrain them from going to the EC.

He reiterated that the police action against the protesters was in order and knowing the intention of the demonstrators to violate the court order went there fully prepared in accordance with the law.

He stressed the police would have been held responsible if anything had wrong by allowing the LMVCA to go the Electoral Commission’s office.

He reminded that the work of the police in the whole world is law; thus the way to demonstrate in the country should be in accordance with the Public Order Act which be guided by the police.