Boot Out Sports Minister …Ben Ephson Charges

Managing Editor of Daily Dispatch and pollster, Ben Ephson, has called on President John Dramani Mahama to sack the current sports minister, Dr. Mustapha Ahmed, if he fails to resign from his post. According to him, the minister's decision to transfer money to Rwanda and justify that action proves that he was not up to the task. Speaking on Kasapa fm, the pollster further argued that the minister's inability to deal with the current issue concerning the female senior national team, Black Queens, underlines the fact that he cannot excel at the ministry. “The President should sack him if he fails to resign, because he (President) hires and fires, the same way he takes debit and credits. “His argument that he came and met the debt situation at the ministry sounds very upsetting. As a new minister you take over both the right and wrong things at your ministry,” he mentioned. The Black Queens, after winning gold in the just ended All Africa Games in Congo Brazzaville, were neglected at the M-Plaza Hotel in Accra, after they requested for their bonuses due them. This invited criticism from a section of the public. The President, however, ordered for an immediate payment of $5000 to each player of the team prior to his arrival from the on-going United Nations summit. Mr. Ephson indicated that, “the Minister has been a poor manager of his office. Is the minister saying that if his predecessor had done something right and it is yielding a positive result now, he’ll not benefit from that?” He was of the opinion that the female team were suffering from negligence from the ministry because it is not attractive as compared to their male counterparts. Touching on why the ministry has seen a lot of ministers within a short period, Mr. Ephson said "both the old and new ministers lack confidence to take certain decisions." He added that the previous ministers were interested in issues concerning the males’ senior national team, the Black Stars, because of the monetary gains. He further cited lack of trust at the ministry as part of the reasons why there has been series of reshuffling at that ministry.