I Used To Smoke Weed - KK Fosu

KK Fosu in an interview with Happy FM has disclosed he smoked marijuana in the early years of his music career. The singer commenting on his earlier statement that 99% of Ghanaian musicians smoked weed told Dr Cann; “I had an interview with Joy News where the host said ‘she had heard my use of drugs contributed to the slowing down of my music career’ and what I wanted to say was that some musicians smoked weed because the 99% doesn’t include everyone who is a musician.

“I said this because when people mention drugs the first thing that comes to mind in marijuana only. But all I wanted to say is that I wasn’t the only one who had taken marijuana before and it wasn’t marijuana that made my career slow. It was the football management thing I started that slowed me down. So I told her that even Bob Marley took Marijuana and everyone listened to his music including Presidents and so taking weed mean the artist is insane.

“That’s why I made that statement but it seemed I was angry a bit when I made that statement and I want to use this opportunity to apologize to everyone I have offended with that statement. I’m sorry and my management will organize the press so we apologize officially. Answering a question on how he figured out that 99% of his comrades smoked weed KK quipped; “Doctor, I don’t want to drag this issue but those who are interested in this issue, I will let Anas investigate the music industry so we can see the artistes that use drugs. “Those artists who use drugs know themselves and I don’t want to drag this issue too much.

Commenting on gospel singer Omane Acheampong’s threat of dragging him to court he said; “If Omane Acheampong wants to drag me to court, he should. Is he part of the 99% of artists who smoke? If he doesn’t smoke then he is part of the one percent that don’t. If he is not part of it, then he shouldn’t be worried about my statement.” KK also revealed the reason why he smoked marijuana in the beginning of his career; “That was way back when I started music but we used it to boost ourselves and it was just for fun sometimes.”