My Job Is Very Punishing... - Prez Mahama

It is an undeniable fact that many political parties have sprung up in the country with the hope of being voted into power.

Perhaps they believe the idea of ruling over a country could be interesting and relaxing. 

But President John Mahama thinks otherwise. He has described his daily schedule as one which is very punishing to go through.

He says his job of presiding over Ghana which is very demanding, leaves him little sleep almost on a daily basis.

Speaking in an interview with Twin-City Radio in Takoradi on Monday, President Mahama stated that though his job is time consuming, he still manages to find some time to attend to other domestic issues.

The president, who was asked to run through his daily routine said: “I wake up early and go to the gym thrice a week to workout. There is a gym at the residency and I have an instructor assigned to me from the Ghana Air Force who takes me through the mill, after which I take my bath."

I then meet visitors for an hour after which I leave for the office around 10am and depending on the schedule for the day, I leave the office around 8pm or later.

I love to go on the field to see what is happening so that when I have a briefing from my minister, then I know exactly what’s going on.

After giving a chronology of his daily routine and how packed it is, the interviewer asked the President if he finds time to rest.

President Mahama in response said: “I don’t sleep before midnight, not because I like it that way but that is the nature of the job. Sometimes you’re on the phone with your security commanders very late into the night.

However, I swim with my kids and try to have a good rest whenever I have the opportunity.