Taxpayers' Alliance Warn Gov't Not To Introduce 17.5% Tax On Sachet Water

Plans by the Ministry of Finance to slap 17.5% VAT&NHIL tax on sachet water, has angered the Taxpayers' Alliance Ghana group.

In a statement copied to and signed by Frank Asiedu Bekoe, the group claim the move by ministry to introduce the tax is insensitive, inhumane and one borne out of lack of respect for human kind taking into account the numerous self‐inflicted problems the current government has plunged Ghana into.

Statement below

October 13,2015.
The Minister
Finance and Economic Planning
Ministries, Accra
Dear Honourable Minister,


We have taken notice of your hard stance decision to tax (17.5% VAT&NHIL) the poor and the vulnerable in the Ghanaian society on the water they consume on daily basis.

We find this decision of yours to be insensitive, inhumane and lack of respect for human kind considering the numerous self‐inflicted problems your government has plunged this country into.

The poor cannot continue to pay for your maladministration, corruption and mismanagement of the Ghanaian economy. For you to redeem your image that you really care for the Ghanaian people, please withdraw this unpopular decision of yours to avoid millions of Ghanaians going back to drink untreated and diseases‐infested water they use to drink before the introduction of the ‘pure water’ business.

With this policy, you have succeeded in re‐introducing guinea worm diseases into the country.

May God touch your heart to always do good to the Ghanaian taxpayer.


Frank Asiedu Bekoe