Act To Stop The Use Of Children To Beg On The Streets

State institutions with responsibility for protecting child’s rights have been urged to act to tackle the disturbing trend of engaging children to beg for money on the streets.

Mr. Samuel Yaw Arhin, the Upper Denkyira-West District Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), said the situation was completely unaccepted and must be a source of worry to everybody.

Making the call through the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Diaso, he pointed out that they belonged to the classroom and not the streets – under the baking sun.

He said there could be no excuse for the abuse and economic exploitation of children and asked that laws passed to protect the health and safety of vulnerable kids must be boldly enforced.

Parents and guardians found to have exposed the child to danger should not be allowed to get away with their irresponsibility, he added.

Mr. Arhin again called for society to jettison, what he termed outrageous traditions and customs that encouraged street begging and made reference to some communities, where it was commonplace to see mothers of twins, triplets and quadruplets beg for money.

He underlined the need for the introduction of social interventions to provide safety net to the poor and the vulnerable.

The social exclusion, discrimination and stigmatization of people with physical disability must also end, he said, adding that, they should rather be supported to acquire employable skills to live dignified lives.

He expressed discomfort with the collapse of the traditional family system and said that had not been helpful to the growth and development of especially children.