Kwabena Agyepong Smashed His Own Vehicle Hajia Fati Alleges

A Member of the New Patriotic Party, Hajia Fati Amadu, who was questioned by police on Tuesday for allegedly smashing the rear windscreen of a vehicle belonging to the party’s General Secretary, has denied committing the act.

According to her, Mr. Agyepong smashed his own vehicle.

The rear windscreen of Mr. Agyepong’s 4-wheel drive was crashed at the NPP headquarters on Tuesday by unknown persons, after he left a Steering Committee meeting, where he had gone to inform the leadership of a pending court suit over the suspension of the party’s National Chairman, Paul Afoko.

Citi News’ Duke Opoku Mensah who was at the party head office said the angry supporters attacked the vehicle because they believed Mr. Agyepong had attempted to disrupt the meeting over the pending lawsuit.

NPP to investigate attack on Kwabena Agyepong’s vehicle [Photos]
Hajia Fati was arrested on Wednesday afternoon by the police over her alleged involvement in the incident and was later granted bail in the sum of Ghc10,000 after being interrogated.

But the vociferous party member told Citi News her arrest was needless since Kwabena Agyepong caused the damage to the car himself .

“I was just shouting, I did not throw any stone, I did not do anything. When Kwabena Agyepong was even leaving the party office, there was nothing like a dent or anything on the car, only for me to see Kwabena sending this car somewhere to destroy this car and accuse me that it is me.”

The party after the incident occurred, condemned it and promised to investigate it and also fix the damage. But Hajia Fati told Citi News the NPP will just be wasting its resources if it bears the cost of repair.

“Who damaged the car for the party to be saying they are going to for for it? How can Kwabena spoil his own car and the party is going to pay?How can they use the party’s funds for Kwabena’ vehicle when we [NPP] want money to campaign?” she queried.

Fati further challenged Kwabena Agyepong to provide evidence to support his claim that she is indeed responsible for the incident.

I will sue Kwabena Agyepong

She also hinted that she will sue Agyepong for wrongful accusation and also for tarnishing her image.

“I don’t think I will leave this issue like that. I will also consult my lawyers and I have to sue Kwabena because he wants to spoil my career. He cannot just put this problem on me…”