NDC Promised Me A House, Car & Fed Me Phone Credits To Insult Nana Addo

Current president of the Ghana Association of head porters has confessed playing a major role in maligning the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party just to please members of the National Democratic Congress who had promised to buy her a house and car.

None of the promises were fulfilled by the NDC and Adiza Isaaku popularly known as Adiza Zongo Pioneer, regrets joining the NDC’s propaganda team which was set up to attack and ensure negative news about Nana Akufo-Addo were kept afloat in the media.

She claims that even if the promises had been fulfilled, she knows she would have one day lived to regret the life she led.

Flashing back on the regrettable role she played, she told Peacefmonline.com in an interview that “I was always fed with mobile phone credits and my mission was to phone in during political radio discussion to insult Nana Addo. We were trained by some members in the NDC on how to insult the flagbearer of the NPP in subtle ways.”

Months after actively participating in the acts to destroy Nana Addo’s image, Adiza Zongo Pioneer reveals that it weighed on her conscience and she had to turn to Allah for forgiveness.

Her next move was to personally look for Nana Akufo-Addo and apologize to him.

I went on my knees and prayed to Allah to forgive me. Nana Addo had done nothing bad to me and I regret being mean to him. I tried my best to get to him and apologize for all I have done. He accepted truly accepted it and this was what motivated to retire from the NDC to join NPP,” she stated.

Life isn’t all about money- it is about respect for God and human being. Money can’t buy happiness if I had followed the NDC to do something against the teachings of Prophet Mohammed,” Adiza Zongo Pioneer added.

She further reproached the NDC for being divisive and tribal.

According to her, it “stinks” to hear members of the NDC accuse the NPP of engaging in tribal politics anytime the latter takes measures to resolve matter.

Her comment stems from the indefinite suspension which was handed to the National Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Paul Afoko.

Some have claimed the NPP treated their beleaguered Chairman this way because he comes from the Northern part of the country. But Adiza condemned comments which she believes has been started by the NDC to make the NPP look unpopular.

The NDC likes evil, their mission is to see evil flourish. Are they telling us that we condone bad things and not talk about because our suspended chairman is from the North? This is improper and they must repent from their ways,” she added.