Akatsi North Residents Share Water With Cattle

Akatsi North in the Volta region has seen an increase in water-related diseases over the past years resulting in the death of some residents, majority being children.

The affected areas include Zemu Atsivekoe, Wetsikope, Etirorkope, Wedekope, Akpekope and Akorikofe a community at Zemu Avevi, Ave-Xevi and Ashiaborvi in Akatsi North District.

Adom FM reported that source of water for the communities have all been polluted by Cattle in the area and have no option than fetching the unsafe streams for domestic use.

A situation they describe as very worrying since they risk of contracting water borne diseases.

According to some residents, the absence of portable water has forced them to walk about 5 kilometres to get safe water for their farm activities.

They are therefore appealing to the district assembly, non-governmental organizations and other benevolent organizations to assist them with boreholes to help solve the water issues in the area.

Meanwhile Mr. James Gunu, the Akatsi North District Chief Executive, in an interview assured residents that they are far reaching plans by the government to drill more boreholes for them to get access to portable water.

He said the Akatsi North District Assembly is working hand in hand with an N.G.O to drill more boreholes in the area adding that 50 boreholes have been drilled in the district.