Election Is Not A Romantic Affair...Sammi Awuku Tells EC Boss

The New Patriotic Party appears to be in no mood for jokes or amorous discussions with the Electoral Commission as it pushes for a new voters register for the 2016 elections.

The party is not happy with the Chair of the EC, Charlotte Osei who referred to the NPP's petitions to her as love letters.

Mrs Osei in addressing a Voters Register forum, Friday, said she had received three of such "love letters" from the NPP but barely had the opportunity to respond to any of them because whenever she wanted to reply, a new one came with different demands.

Speaking on Joy FM, the Youth Organiser of the NPP Sammy Awuku berated the EC Chair, accusing her of toying with a rather delicate matter.

"The 2016 election is not a romantic affair. We mean serious business," he said.

Sammy Awuku did not also understand why the EC is asking the NPP to bring a copy of the voters' register riddled with irregularities.

He said the EC has copies of the same register and it is possible for the Commission to see those same irregularities.

He wondered how pictures of voters in the register had staple pins on their foreheads.

Nobody takes a picture with a staple pin clipped on his forehead. That will be the height of madness,"" he pointed out. Yet some of the pictures in the register had staple pins in them suggesting that those pictures were planted into the register, he alleged.

Sammy Awuku said the posturing of the Commission at the Forum was anything but sincere.

But the Director of Elections for the NDC Samuel Ofosu Ampofo said the forum has helped to decrease the political temperature in the country.

He accused the NPP and Sammy Awuku of taking the EC chair's remarks out of context and cautioned the party not to play to the gallery and increase the political temperature in the country.