Police go on manhunt for suspected armed robbers

The Asante–Mampong Divisional Police Command has mounted a massive manhunt for a group of armed robbers who barricaded the Mampong/Ejura highway on August 29 and robbed travellers of their money and other valuables. Some of them are believed to have sustained gunshot wounds during a fire-fight with the police. Police Chief Superintendent Edward Oduro-Kwarteng, the Divisional Commander, has therefore appealed to people in the area, especially those at Aframso and Ejura to report anyone they see with gunshot wounds to the police. He told the Ghana News Agency at Mampong that the police received information that a gang of armed robbers had blocked the highway. They moved to the scene where they spotted the robbers with two of them were on an unregistered motor bike. He said on seeing the police the robbers opened fire and they returned fire, leaving one of them dead. Mr Oduro-Kwarteng said they retrieved from the deceased robber a machete, knife and mobile phones seized from some of the travellers. He assured traders and commuters who use the highway of police protection.