Govít Must Actualise The Call On Patronising Local Goods

Mr James Asare -Adjei, the President of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) has tasked the Government to implement stringent measures in place to compel Ghanaians to patronise locally produced goods.

This, he said, would ensure the growth of local industries and the national economy.

Mr Asare Adjei made the call at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Western/Central Regional Branch of the Association, in Takoradi. on the theme, “Promoting Made in Ghana Goods to Build Strong Industries”.

He said the low patronage of made in Ghana goods was leading to the gradual collapse of industries.

The AGI President noted that foreigners would develop interest and taste for made in Ghana goods, if the nationals highly patronised their own products.

He, therefore, expressed unhappiness that the highest bodies in the country - the Legislature and Judiciary - opted for imported furniture, saying these products could have been produced by local industrialists.

He said the excuse given that they needed it on a large-scale was not tenable.

On the assertion that locally made goods were inferior, Mr Asare Adjei said developed countries, such as Japan, started by equally producing such goods but later improved upon them by producing high quality items with the advancement of technology.

"Ghanaians must, therefore, start using all products made here so that with time as technology advances, we would produce quality products," he stated.

He said the AGI was collaborating with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to pursue the made in Ghana agenda by encouraging its patronage.

He commended the few industrialists who had remained in business in the face of the numerous challenges.

“However, it is important to ensure that their goods and services become competitive on both the local and global market so we must address challenges as difficulty in accessing credit facilities, high cost credit, securing business operating permit from local authorities, and constraints to remain competitive in the Ghanaian market," he stated.

Mr Asare-Adjei, therefore, called for the creation of the needed environment to make the Ghanaian businesses competitive.

He, therefore, impressed on the financial institutions to be flexible in their requirements to enable Small and Medium Scale Enterprises to access credit without any impediments in their way.

"They should create products that meet their needs as this is sure way of helping the local industries to be more competitive," he said.

Mr Isaac Kofi Yankson, the Regional Officer of the Ministry of Trade and Industries, (MOTI) noted that collaboration with the AGI would provide the needed synergies among industrialists to promote efficiency in their operations to develop quality products for the local and export market.

He said the MOTI was determined to ensure that the industries expanded their technological capacities in the manufacturing sector and agro-based industries.