I'm Not Making Enough Money From Movies – Actress

Not much has been heard of Actress Baby Blanche in recent times and the Hot Fork actress has attributed her absence to the fact that she is not making enough money. According to her, there are a lot of needs that must be catered for both personally and family-wise and for her, depending on movies alone as a source of income would not be enough. “I mean I have bills to pay and I ask myself how much I will make if I should solely depend on movies. How many movies can I feature in a month or six months and make money. Let’s not forget there is family too. “So thinking about it all, I have decided to stop acting for a while and do business, hopefully I will come back to acting but maybe as a producer,” she said in an interview with livefmghana.com. For her nothing can tame her acting skills and the fact that she is not active or taking a break does not mean she has lost it entirely. “Acting is a talent that God has blessed me with and nothing can change that and I will not lose that ability but right now, I am concentrating on my business, showbiz is on hold.” Baby Blanche was discovered by Socrates Safo of Movie Africa Productions and started acting about four years ago. She has appeared in several movies helmed by the famed producer/director, including Hot Fork, Adults Only, What Sex Can Do, among others.