I Smoked Marijuana In The Past - John Dumelo

Whatever the case is, every individual has a dark past. While growing up, each and everyone has engaged him or herself in one unacceptable act or the other.

Celebrated actor, John Setor Dumelo has revealed that he has smoked marijuana before. He made this startling revelation as one of the judges for this year’s Miss Malaika Finals which saw Kuukua winning the coveted crowd.

John made this shocking revelation when he was about to question one of the contestants who made a presentation based on effects of drug abuse. "Before I ask my questions, I have also smoked marijuana before”. After saying this, the whole auditorium went into frenzy; screaming and in utmost shock - then he continued, “oo nooo, I smoked it for experimental purposes”.

After saying that he smoked it for experimental purposes, lots of the patrons were at least satisfied with his justification.