Shatta Wale Recounts The Amounts of Money He Paid Bull Dog

Shatta Wale in his radio conference a few days ago recounted the amounts of money he paid Bulldog during their run as artists and manager.

Talking on Pluzz FM, Shatta recounted moments when the two were arguing about money and the questions he asked his manager included;

“All the artist you have worked with has any of them paid you one hundred and fifty million Cedis before?, He said No, I asked again, has anybody given you eighty million Cedis before, he said no, has anybody given you fifty million in cash before? He said no, Bulldog so why do you treat me like that.” Bulldog did not start this thing with me but the money I give him I have never given any of my crew. I called Bulldog to come work with me. I told him ‘Bulldog, come let’s make money.’

“We go and meet people and they give me money and I’m like ‘Bulldog, it’s ten thousand, take seven thousand and let me take three thousand. We get money and I say take this and I take this, we get shows and you say you want to run it and say okay run it.”

The two has since moved on as Shatta is hoping to win a MOBO Award tonight and Bulldog is now promoting BullHaus’ Rudebwoy Ranking.