WALA Bounces Back

ONE OF the players in Ghana’s showbiz, Rueben Nii Nartey Commodore, the leader of WALA music group, has declared his intention to organize a series of musical concerts to promote live band music in the country. Speaking to BEATWAVES, Nii Nartey said his group, which was out with its eight-track album titled, ‘Beseayi’, was working tirelessly to promote Ghanaian music on the world market. He noted that other members of the group which include Jerry Akapko and Enoch Amankwanor have not relented in their pursuit to make a difference in the world through their dynamic songs and stagecraft. They are ever more determined to change and transform lives all over the world through music. The group, since it was formed a couple of years ago, has performed on so many platforms in the country. They have also performed in some European countries including Holland, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. Nii Nartey told BEATWAVES that the lyrics on the group’s album were carefully chosen to communicate to the downhearted. According to him, members of the group are generally more concentrated on a combination of highlife and hiplife music with a superb style. All the songs on its album have highly sensitive themes. Asked why it took the group so long to come out with their latest album, Nii Nartey said, “We don’t believe in coming out with just any album. What is important is that the songs must hit the market and make a dent in the minds of not only music buyers in Ghana”.