10 Years of Caroline Sampson In Showbiz

Caroline Sampson, in her 10th year as a media personality is continually a household name and a defining staple of the Ghanaian Cultural landscape.

In the evolution of the new generation of media personalities, she has worked to achieve her current status in the media with a level of dedication and commitment that’s untypical. Caroline broke onto the scene after a successful appearance on the Miss Malaika peageant in 2005.

Since the pageant, Caroline has established a career in the media by working with a variety of credible media giants including Atlantis Radio, GTV, Citi fm, TV3, ETv, Viasat 1 and Yfm. Her permanence on Yfm’s Room Service Show is a testament to her work ethic and longevity in the industry. At the 2009 SICA, she became the first non-Francophone winner in the history of the Awards by winning the Best Presenter. As a creative, she has established successful forays into various aspects of the wider industry from Music to the Runway, featuring on a number of rap songs with established local artists and tracking back to her origins with appearances on the Catwalk for Oswald Boateng etc.

Caroline has become an ambassador for her generation and this is reflected in her successful involvement with a variety of endeavors including various TV and Radio Ads with Mentos, Men Only, Kasapa as well as serving as brand ambassador for Woodin and Castle Milk Stout. Her career is a reflection of her passion for the work she does and exemplary of a self-made woman who has invested a tremendous level of dedication to her professional work. She begrudges the idea of being regarded as a role model to many of Ghana’s youth but it is evident with a devout following on her multiple social media platforms that she is an inspiration to a lot of the youth that follow her.

As a growing brand, she has remained open-minded to learning and advancing her career with a boundless zest for achieving excellence. A decade in, the seminal nature of her career is on a trajectory only she can stifle and from talking to her, one can only expect that she is on a mission to be the best version of herself both in her career and personal life. A dedicated mother and daughter, Caroline epitomizes a woman equally in love with her work and family.