Live Rabbit Vs Dead Goat ….. Eeeeeh What’s Up Doc?

And so it came to pass that a cartoon series created almost a century ago plays back in our midst. The tragedy of our era is having a President tagged with every name synonymous with failure.

To the extent that the rented press of the NDC, his own media mouthpieces, feel disappointed with the rumpus and unfashionable tirades of their Incompetent President, Kwesi Pratt cannot hide the gross exasperation of their lot, not to mention the whole nation. So he makes an embarrassing statement to the effect that Mr President needs lessons in public speech. For once, let me admit that I concur with Mr Pratt. The issue is rather in the unfortunate discourse that seems to have plagued the mouth of His Incompetency President Mahama.

The NPP had to apply the mandate of its constitution in suspending former Chairman Mr Paul Afoko, and appointing the 1st Vice Chairman, Mr Freddie Blay to take over the controls. It would seem as if the President had an interest in the developments in the camp of the NPP. After all, that is the only scenario that explains the unweaned interest of the NDC in the elephant’s affairs, especially His Errorcy cum Incompetency Mr President.

Having come face to face with the astute politician, Mr Freddie Blay, the frustration of the Dead Goat is becoming rather more difficult to conceal.  For every disastrous slip of speech, President John Mahama has to take cover from the barrage of retorts that are unleashed on him.  It has not been too long since his infamous claim that he is a dead goat with a dead goat syndrome. It seems he has protracted the same curse that he characterised Ghanaians with; a short memory.

He accused the new Chairman of the NPP of being a rabbit. Well, I reckon the most appropriate answer to the Presidential gibberish was aptly put in a short statement by the new Chairman, who replied, “A live rabbit is better than a dead goat.”

I think it will be circumspect of His Incompetency Mr President to avoid such treacherous grounds since he will always be the loser. You can’t strike at NPP and expect to go scot-free; especially that it is a party of intellectuals and respectable people, not hoodlums and street charlatans. Besides, the recent NDC congress saw unprecedented numbers of “NO” against the uncontested incumbent Incompetent President, Mr John Mahama. That was a clear indication that the 2012 elections were rigged. What then can explain the suspicious 500,000 votes that were credited to him in excess of that of the Parliamentary total? Even his own people rejected him at the recent congress, which indicts Kwadwo Afari Gyan for the callous manner in which he handled the last general elections. Every discerning Ghanaian knows and believes that he aided and abetted the gargantuan theft of votes and padding of the numbers; “twenty seven zero” on my mind.

You have brought shame to your gray Mr Afari Gyan. Your name would better read “Onferi Gyan”. Madam Charlotte Osei, this is wake up call for you to sit up straight. Just don’t burn the only country that we have!

And as for our own Incompetency John Mahama, please find a tree to rest under. This umbrella of the NDC has developed holes that will neither protect you from the blazing sun which heat Ghanaians are going to turn on you, nor keep you dry from the rain of the tears that the disenfranchised nation is crying,

In the meantime, eeeeeem wha, wha, what’s up Doc???