Public Educated On How To Identify Counterfeit Fabrics

Leading textile manufacturer Vlisco has teamed up with Tigo Ghana to organise a fashion and beauty workshop dubbed ‘Your Personal Brand @ Tigo,’bringing together experts from the fashion and beauty industry, to educate consumers and staff on how to be chic and stylish while still looking professional for thecorporateenvironment.

The workshop is also part of Vlisco’s Connoisseur of Style initiative aimed at enlighteningthe public on how to identify a real Vlisco fabric from a fake one as part of an ongoing anticounterfeit campaignVliscolaunched in 2013 to enable consumers to feel confident they are purchasing an original Vlisco fabric.

Speaking on the collaboration, Mr. Stephen Badu, Marketing Director for Vlisco said “Vlisco is excited about teaming up with Tigo to educate staff and consumers on how to wear their Vlisco fabrics in new, professional styles enabling them to dress for success all the while continuing to fight the growing problem of counterfeit textiles by spreading the word about how to authenticate their Vlisco fabrics.”

He added,“We want consumers to feel confident and flaunt our fabrics with pride and style while experiencing the beauty of identifying the real Vlisco wax Hollandais.”

Tigo Ghana is always interested in finding excellent opportunities to add value to their employees by hosting various initiatives aimed at developing and growing their team to be more effective and successful.

Elizabeth Arhin, Director, Human Resource at Tigo Ghana said, “We are delighted that Vlisco joined us to execute a workshop that will help our employees perform at a higher standard and that we could also treat them to an educative fun day of personal grooming and fashion.

Speakers at the workshop

The fashion and beauty experts presenting at the workshop included:

-          Elizabeth Patterson – Vlisco Ambassador 2015

-          Afua Rida – Fashion Blogger & Stylist

-          Linda Afua Asantewaa – CEO of Befitting

-          Aisha Obuobi – CEO of Christie Brown

-          Aretha Yorke-Sabeng –Brand Manager for Maybelline New York in Ghana

-          Christine Kastner – CEO OF Red Ginger for Hair

How to identify a real Vlisco Wax Hollandais

As part of the anti-counterfeit campaign, Vlisco is continuously educating consumers on the essential features that will help them to distinguish a genuine Vlisco Wax Hollandais. These features can be summed up as follows:


1.       THE SUN:
Find our well-known sun on the fabric label and you will see the iconic VVH crest

Compare the number on the selvedge with the number on the white label. In an original this is identical

3.        THE SELVEDGE:
When we talk about the selvedge, we are referring to the unprinted edge of the fabric. Look for the words VERITABLE WAX HOLLANDAIS VLISCO at one side, while the other side proudly states GUARANTEED DUCTH WAX VLISCO

4.       THE LABEL:
All Vlisco fabrics are printed in Helmond, Holland, at our own factory. This is proudly stated in our PRINTED BY VLISCO IN HOLLAND statement, on the label.