NPP Forefathers Wailing And Lamenting In Graves

The Patriotic Citizen platform;

Let us live and be constantly guided by the aims and objectives of our bottomline. For it is imperative to help rebrand the tainted image of our party, NPP.

I could not just cope with Kofi Kum Bilson this morning on peacefm when he remembered and reminded listeners of the 5th anniversary of the death of the Late Hon Amaley Tagoe. He started with,

Ehyi eee,
Ehyi eee,
Ehyi ee,
Ehyi worado worado.

The he went on to quizz "where were you when men were men"

He carried on calling the names of people who met to discuss and form the New Patriotic Party, who included Hon Amaley Tagoe, Late Agyenim Boateng, Haruna Essekou, Nana Akufo Addo, Late Prof Adu Boahen, etc

The Patriotic Citizen, NPP has a tradition and history. Our forefathers, I believe are wailing and lamenting in their various graves calling people to wise up, wake up, and start to be counted among heroes and heroines.

Let us strategise to advise people to learn to adapt to put aside any tendencies of personal and selfish interests, greed, unhealthy personality cult, affiliations, hatred and sabotage.

Let us aim to define working and workable strategies to neutralise any tendencies of hijacking the core purpose of NPP, which include but not limited to Dedication, Commitment, Unity of Purpose, Forgiveness and Forgetfulness, Patriotism, Respect for Authority, Constitution, etc

Let us review our strategies to accommodate objective and realistic diverging views.

Let us adopt the culture of negotiation, speaking kindly and strategically to diverging opinions, unless extremely, obvious sabotage and destruction intentions.

Let us find appropriate strategies to bring diverging but meaningful opinions into attention and redress.

Let us try to "polish" characters that are only interested in positions, closeness to authority but do not contribute to development and success of our party.

NPP really does need rebranding of image to attract good, efficient and effective marketing.

Thank you,