Prez Mahama More Powerful Than Prez Obama - Manasseh Azure Awuni Writes

President Obama seems to have so much time on his hands to do many other things even though he is the President of the World.

Today he is playing basket ball, tomorrow he is playing tennis or spending time with kids. President Mahama does not seem to have that luxury of time.

The reason is simple. In their respective countries, President Mahama is more powerful than President Barack Obama. Separation of powers works there. Here, the President has the final say in everything, including appointments to the judiciary and constitutional review. The President unilaterally (and with cronies) has a say in what our next constitution will read like. And we pretend we are practising democracy.

In the United States, institutions work. Politicians do not interfere unnecessarily with the police, army, security services and other public agencies. In the United States, they appoint competent people who will get the results and who are held accountable for their actions and inactions. In Ghana, the Vice President has to personally intervene in senior high school admissions.


We need to keep talking and asking the necessary questions, especially the youth. When we ever get the opportunity, let's stop this constitutional dictatorship. Let's relieve the president of too much powers, which they arbitrarily use.

This is my view. I am not a constitutional expert. It is how I feel. You are free to disagree.