Ghana Fashion Awards Made Possible By Huawei

The Ghana Fashion Awards 2015 held over the weekend had many fashion enthusiasts and celebrities throng the World Trade Center for a night of glitz, style and glamour.

The awards event which was aimed at recognizing and appreciating excellence within the fashion industry in Ghana had guests treated to a night of fashion and technology and self-expression made possible by Huawei’s P8 and Media Pads devices.

The Huawei P8, a perfect blend of technology, sleek styling, usability and revolutionary low light camera features engaged fashionistas on the white carpet with its beauty and flawless balance of artistry and creativity.

The "perfect Selfie" shooting mode of the Huawei P8’s camera was a popular feature of the night as it ensured that selfie lovers who were present at the Ghana Fashion Awards got in on the fun by taking selfies and sharing with their friends.

Mr. David Anku, Head of Marketing at Huawei Technologies Ghana expressed his joy at how smartphones and tech gadgets are transforming the fashion world. He added that “The Huawei P8 is a trendy device which complements the lifestyle of people who love fashion”. The P8’s sleek design and style captures the beauty of these red carpet, fashion shows and events in a more fun and expressive way.”  he added.

Fans at the awards joined on social media with the #MakeItPossible hashtag as a way of connecting and engaging with other guests at the event.

e.TV Ghana’s John Osei-Tutu Agyeman, a.k.a. JOT and Vanessa Gyan, presenters for the night used Huawei MediaPad T1 8.0 devices which served as the perfect entertainment and communications companion as they led presentations of the awards on stage.