‘I Won’t Stay In Ghana’ - Avram Grant

Ghana coach Avram Grant says he will only stay in the country as suggested by students of the game on the one condition that player exodus is curtailed.

The Israeli trainer has come under severe criticism following his extensive stay outside the country in the name of player monitoring.

But the former Chelsea manager said player exodus, which has been the bane of the domestic league, makes it difficult to stay in the country as coach of the Black Stars.

And justifying his extensive trip outside the country, he said he is compelled to move out for the monitoring due to constant exodus of players to leagues in Europe and elsewhere.

He indicated that there is no point staying in the country if the best players and potential national team charges are playing outside the country.

“I work for the Black Stars and if I have to be in Ghana, I will be in Ghana. But you must understand that they (clubs) are selling all the good players to Europe so if all the best (Ghanaian) players are in Europe, then I will continue to go to Europe to monitor them.”

Since the 60-year-old assumed post barely a year ago, local player representation in the Black Stars has witnessed an all-time low, which has generated some concerns among soccer fans.