Michelle Obama Thinks Daddy Lumba is Mixed Race

At the annual World Anti-Bleaching Summit which was held in London yesterday � Michelle Obama, wife of the President of United States who was a guest speaker at the event condemned the fact that about 75 percent of Nigerian women bleach per WHO statistics. Speaking to a room full of ambassadors from various countries, she called on the African governments to do more to educate their citizens on the dangers of skin bleaching. She also said: �apart from the government having the responsibility to educate citizens on numerous negative effects of skin bleaching, it must also try to discourage people from bleaching by denying those who are bleaching access to instagram and facebook where they mostly obtain enviable LIKES for their complex to describe complexion.� Michelle Obama added that, while doing this, African governments should make sure they do not confuse those who have bleached with those who are naturally fair such as the numerous mixed race citizens with Africa as their homes. �I know this will be difficult but certain things can�t be confused. For instance, there is this musician in Ghana called-Daddy Lumba whom my husband listens to a lot. He is mixed race and such people should not be grouped with those using Tura and skin lightening pills,� she said.