'Hausa Music Can Take Us Far' - Rapper Garba Speaks

Budding music talent Garba known in real life as Karim Abubakar has opened up about his choice of language for his music which is 'Hausa'.

The 'Nima' based rapper disclosed that he not using 'Hausa' as a first language because he is a Muslim but because the language 'Hausa' rap can take Ghana's music industry far.  

He explained by saying that; the Hausa language spoken as a first language by about 35 million people, and as a second language by 15 million in Nigeria, and millions more in other countries.

'Trust me, my team and I sat down and did the research on the choice of language to use for my music and we concluded on Hausa because it is spoken and understood by close to 50 million people across different countries'.  

He added that; 'People should not get him wrong, the other languages used in the music business also works but honestly he hopes people will just do the research and understand what he is saying'.  

'I do blend other languages in my music, even though my first language is Hausa I add some pidgin and Twi, he noted.  

Talking about his music style, Garba said I have the feel of hip hop legends as DMZ, Ja Rule, Jeezy but with an African twist. Growing up I was inspired by these names and I have always had a naturally horse deep voice hence in my delivery you will feel a lot of energy and vibrancy in it.  

'My message is simple, I represent the Ghettos, I am the future of African Hip hop music and with the Hausa language, I know soon the world will embrace the music, he opined.  

Garba is not new on the streets of Ghanaian music but he is officially introducing himself to the world as the face of good Hausa music blended with other Ghanaian language.  

The rapper is signed to Timeless Records and will be releasing his official debut single titled 'Muntashi' which features dancehall artist Episode in December.  

The likes of great names like VIP now VVIP came to course a revolution now is the time for Garba to also bring joy to the kids in the Ghettos that it is possible to do anything if you set your mind to it.