Cocaine: EXOPA CEO charged on two counts

Two charges relating to the possession of narcotic drugs have for now been preferred against the CEO of EXOPA Modeling Agency, Ibrahim Sima. Sima has been charged with attempting to export unlawful substance and possession of unlawful substance. But Kwame Akuffo, Counsel for the CEO of EXOPA Modeling Agency, is very unhappy and crossed with the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) and its acting Executive Secretary, Mr. Yaw Akrasi-Sarpong, at their methods to educe information from his client. Speaking to Peacefmonline, Mr. Akuffo revealed that while his client was in the process of writing his statement, NACOB officials began questioning him and ordering him (Sima) to include the responses in his statement. He further disclosed that his attempt to prevent his client from carrying out their instructions, infuriated the NACOB officials, who accused him of interfering with investigations, and thereupon drove him out of the room. “By interrogation, my client can choose to answer certain questions or not, but asking him to write his statement implies he is giving his side of the case, so I asked them to state whether they were interrogating him or he was simply writing his version of events… they got upset and kicked me out of the interrogation process like a fowl,” he said. Lawyer Akuffo, who accused NACOB of infringing on the rights of his client, also indicted the agency of tarnishing his reputation, when NACOB requested the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to place his (Akuffo) details in their database. “I twice greeted him (Akrasi Sarpong) but he failed to acknowledge my presence… he had a big frown on his face. I was not surprised, because I guess he had good reasons why he did that. About a month ago, I wrote a letter to NACOB requesting the release of a client’s car; however, they (NACOB) copied the letter to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) of the USA asking them to put my name on their database… how can you ask that a Lawyer be placed under scrutiny as someone hanging out with drug peddlers?” he asked. Sima Ibrahim hit the limelight as a popular Ghanaian model based in Germany. He returned to Ghana a few years ago to establish the EXOPA Modelling Agency. He recently organized the first ever three day fashion festival dubbed; “The EXOPA Fashion Weekend”, a show graced by the presence of popular Hollywood actor and fashion designer of Ghanaian descent, Boris Kudjo. He was busted at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, on the night of Monday, 7th September 2009, on a tip-off on suspicion of trafficking drugs suspected to be cocaine out of the country to Germany. The narcotic drugs had been surgically inserted inside four tubers of yam in his luggage. But Ibrahim Sima has “denied all the allegations” leveled against him.