Womens’ Role In Agriculture And National Development Recognized By EDAIF

The contribution of women in the development of agriculture in Ghana cannot be over emphasized. Women form the bulk of the labour force in the agriculture sector, comprising more than half of the total population of farmers and about 95% of practitioners in the agro-processing business.  Together, they produce more than 70% of the country’s food requirements.

At the recent National Farmers’ Day held in Bolga, the Director of Corporate Planning and Communication at Export Trade, Agricultural and Industrial Development Fund (EDAIF), Dr Henry Shirazu Alhassan lauded the achievements of women in agriculture in Ghana.

In an interview, Dr. Alhassan stressed that Contrary to the general opinion, there are very good farmers in Ghana who are women.  

He also rejected the impression that women have not been winning awards during the annual farmers day event, explaining that it is not enough to look at the top winners of various categories of the National Farmers’ Day awards over the years.  Rather, Ghanaians should focus on women’s significant contribution to agriculture in general.

“Let’s do an aggregation of how many women have won the various categories over the years" This, he said, would form a basis for his assertion that women have been and continue to be a major player in agricultural development in Ghana.

However, some other players in the Agric industry are of the believe that, In order to realize the full potential of women’s contribution, the government would need to come up with policies and programs that would help mitigate some of the challenges hampering the development and deployment of the full potential of women in agriculture in Ghana.

EDAIF, on its part, has been providing several grants and loan facilities to help improve the impact of the work of women in agriculture.