Enough Of Power Ministerís Promises!

If there is any minister who will go down in the history of Ghana’s politics as the most disappointing minister it is no other person than Minister of Power, Dr. Kwabena Donkor. In fact his name is now synonymous with failure, disappointing and above all lies.

Probably what the power minister does not know is that nobody forced him to accept his current position he is occupying which he is being paid with the poor tax payer’s money. And even in his case, he personally asked President John Dramani Mahama to allow him to handle the energy situation in the country having bragged that he would do better if given the opportunity.

What makes his case worse and annoying is the fact that he blamed power service providers in the country—GRIDCo, Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), and the Volta River Authority (VRA)—for being the cause of the energy crisis we have been battling with for the past three years which is largely affecting the general performance of the economy.

There was therefore great excitement in the country when President Dramani Mahama finally appointed him [Dr. Donkor] and subsequently created a new portfolio for him as the Minister of Power having already promised to end the power crisis which is known in our local parlance as, ‘dumsor’ by the end of 2015, and further promised to resign in the event that he failed to do that.

His promise indeed was received with mixed reactions. Whiles majority of Ghanaians knew he only wanted an appointment; others thought he could fix it. But with few days to 2015 there seems no end in sight to dumsor, a situation which has called for the power minister to fulfill his resignation promise.

In fact we at Today seriously believe that Dr. Donkor should have resigned by now if he is indeed an honest man he claims to be and not to be giving further promises.  In fact his continuous justification for his inability to end dumsor is rather incurring the wrath of Ghanaians and we still believe it will do him a lot of good if he ‘honourably’ relinquishes his position, or better still apologise to the good people of this country for lying to us

His call for commendation from Ghanaians for providing power during the festive season is a mark of a coward and he should bow down his head in shame for daring to demand praise from us having toyed with the lives of over twenty five (25) million people.

What he must know is that we do not need his empty promises again but constant supply of power and also not in festive occasions like he is boasting off.  We need power for production and not for merriment, though the latter is equally important.