Journalists To Join Special Voting In 2016 EC Boss

To save Ghanaian journalists from the tussle and hassle to cast their votes with the general public before doing their official duties by covering the elections this 2016 – the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission has confirmed that the press will join the security and other stakeholders to take part in the special voting process ahead of the 2016 general election.

Mrs Charlotte Osei said this during an interview with JOY FM on Saturday – “…you were not allowed because that is what is in the C.I. and the EC did not sit somewhere to create the C.I. it was with stakeholders. This time the media will be part of the special voting process.”

Adding that - “There is a date where we will tell the stakeholders, all the parties who are entitled to special voting; security personnel etc… that by this date we must have the list because we must put you on the register for that polling station.

“…For the media, there will be an accreditation process and when they finish, you will be included and then you can vote”. 

She however explained that - journalists were earlier not given the opportunity for the special voting because the Constitutional Instrument passed, did not cater for the media and other essential services to join.