Sending Detainees Back Would Have Serious Diplomatic Consequences On Ghana- GIGS

The relocation of two detainees from Guantanamo Bay prison to Ghana has generated several debates from different quarters. On Wednesday, 6th January, 2016, the US military announced that two detainees held for years without charge at the Guantanamo Bay prison will be transferred to Ghana, leaving 105 detainees at the notorious camp.

In a statement issued by the US defence department, it was noted that Yemeni Mahmud Umar Muhammad bin Atef, 36, and Khalid Muhammad Salih al-Dhuby, 38, will be settling in Ghana for two years.

The gesture by the Ghana government has irked several Ghanaians who believe the acceptance of the two detainees could pose as a threat to our national security.

However, a statement issued by the Ghana Institute of Governance and Security (GIGS)has demystified that notion claiming that with enough surveillance and intelligence, the Ghana government could avert any unforeseen circumstances.

GIGS is of the view that sending the detainees back to USA or any other country would have serious diplomatic consequences on Ghana.

Statement Below


The Ghana Institute of Governance and Security wishes to express it profound gratitude to all Ghanaians and the international community for expressing their views and their emotional attachment on the subject of two Guantanamo Bay military prison detainees transported and relocated to the soil of Ghana for two years.

GIGS acknowledge the spirit of nationalism and good citizenship in their genuine voices of concern of cry of safety as far as the record and history of those detainees are concern.

Moreover, we also heard some people proposing to government of Ghana to renegotiate with the US Government to collaborate and facilitate repatriation of the two detainees to the American soil because if America of all country could not manage and tolerate the detainees how much more a developing country like Ghana with least resources and sophistication is expected to handle these people.

GIGS strongly disagree with those voices and their expressions; the fact is that sending the detainees back to US or any country would have serious diplomatic consequences on Ghana’s reputation in the international community.

Again, citizen should understand that Ghana belongs to the community of nations and most importantly, have had a long standing bilateral relationships with America and we should also appreciate that the international system is full of conflicts, cooperation, and accommodation.Furthermore, we should remember that at a point, or even always the strong exert their powers on the weak and the periphery countries.

Although, we are emotionally attached to our territorial state, sovereignty, nationalism and democratic system of governance but least did we reject hegemony influence .In addition, we should recognize that the strong will diplomatically exert their influence on our leaders and to a larger extend tie their hands at their back for so many reasons known to us.

Please, let us extend a faithful hand of friendship, welcoming these detainees but challenge our government to guarantee the nation with surveillance, intelligence and the will to protect the country against any unforeseen circumstances.

Yours in the service of Ghana.

David Agbee


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