“Brand Akpeteshie For The Int’l Market”- Group

A group calling itself, Akpeteshie Drinkers are calling on government to brand hard liquor known as ‘Akpeteshie’ for export.

They argue that inasmuch as the hard alcohol is seen as drinks for poor people, it is stronger and better than most of the foreign drinks imported in to the country.

Speaking with Adom News, leader of the group said people do not pay attention to such alcohol because of its poor branding, therefore charging government to brand the drink for the international market if indeed it is serious about promoting made in Ghana goods.

He beleives that if akpeteshie is well packaged, it will put the name of Ghana on the world map.

“I sell Akpeteshie and I drink it as well and I know how far it will go if it is branded and so government should consider that and make it popular in the outside world” one man said.